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MB Dressage and Bauer Dressage Ltd


Thank you for visiting the home-page of MB Dressage, a sister company of Bauer Dressage Ltd, run and owned by husband and wife team Markus and Gaynor Bauer, based in East Sussex, South East of England.

We are passionate about bringing out the best of horses and riders we train with the main priority being the horses' welfare, so that their potential comes to shine through a sympathetic and individually tailored training programme.


Our services include:

-Taking horses in for training

-Teaching riders at all levels

-Preparing clients’ horses for sale

-Importing horses

-Finding suitable horses on behalf of our clients

-Equine consultation

Bauer Dressage Announcement!!

We thank all our clients for showing such great interest in our horses for sale again this year. It’s a pleasure for us to find the right riders for our horses!

Bauer Dressage Ltd has always a good selection of horses available in Germany; however we also try our best always to have 1-2 horses for sale in our UK yard, and we will select horses for us to import later on in December.

In the meantime please contact us directly for further details!

Bauer Dressage finds and selects fine dressage horses for sale!


Training News!:

Markus Bauer clinics at Stilebridge Barn Kent ‘16:

-4th Dec.

Please contact Vanessa Swain on 07803 727 917

Markus will be returning to Kedlock House, Fife in Scotland to do another clinic on the 26th and 27th November. Please email Bruce Clark for bookings bclark@aspiremembranes.co.uk

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