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       Markus Bauer clinic Dates





-15th, Bicton College, Devon, England


-24th, Reitsportanlage Sonntag, Bielefeld,    Germany


-25th, Reitsportanlage Sonntag, Bielefeld, Germany




8th, Bicton College, Devon, England


24th, Kedlock House, Fife, Scotland


25th, Kedlock House, Fife, Scotland








5th, Kedlock House, Fife, Scotland


6th, Kedlock House, Fife, Scotland






More dates will be lasted here ASAP!

Please contact us directly with regards to how to book a slot at the above listed clinics!

Call 0044 (0)1323 846 454

or email




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Kasper finished the last show of 2017 off by winning both Elementary classes at Merrist Wood with top scores on the 17th December!

6 year old Danny won at medium level with over 74% at Belmoredean, Sussex on the 24th August!

5 year old Kazmir won his first ever elementary with over 71% at Belmoredean on the 13th July.

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