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Video Analysis Report

We don’t see any reason why our riders shouldn’t still be able to benefit from training tips during these uncertain times.

Even before the covid-19 outbreak our riders have been sending us video clips of training sessions on their horses at home as well as rides from various shows for us to comment on as well as providing useful tips and an in depth report.

Often the video clips are of a particular issue such as:

-issues with a certain transition

-irregularities within a shoulder in

-General lack of suppleness

-Contact issues

-Problems with the flexion in the poll



Now because of the situation caused by the covid-19 virus even more of our riders are making use of this service.

The video clips can be short or up to 25 minutes long max, and  we will always provide a thorough report of what we see and make our own suggestions with regards to how to improve certain issues. 


Videos can be sent via WhatsApp or a YouTube link to 07714258303 and

The rate is £ 25 per video/report and can be paid for with PayPal  


Please contact us for further details and together we will keep our horses going through these uncertain times

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