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Finding Horses

Great Britain may have left the EU, however our clients in the UK show that thery are just as eager to buy with us in Europe as they were before Brexit!!

There are a few new rules when importing horses to the UK but with the right team behind you it will be just as stress free as before!

Markus' German background and private contacts are playing a key factor when his clients are shopping in Europe, and horses are only being selected amongst trustworthy sources who he has worked with for a long time with some relationships going back over 30 years.


"The horses we find range from youngsters to Grand Prix horses including horses who are competing at international level.

Our philosophy is very down to earth and we listen very carefully to what our buyers are looking for. We often have the right horse in one of our partner yards; however, we are confident that if that isn’t the case that we will find it!"

The vetting and transportation of the horses can also be organized upon request. Our aim is to make it as comfortable as possible for our clients, so that all they have to do, once they have found the right horse, is just to prepare a stable and wait for its arrival!

Purchasing horses in Europe is one of the easiest and relaxed experiences any potential buyer could wish for, and we are very eager to prove it to you.

Due to Markus' background we are also able to offer you a broader selection of well trained horses.

Our international sales team all speak English and upon request Markus can be booked to accompany you abroad.


Some of our past sale horses can be viewed on our YouTube page

Call us today on 0044 (0)1323 846 454 or email  for further details.

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